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Pathankot is a Heritage Place
Pathankot is an Interesting Place

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The Changing face of Pathankot
by Prabal Pramanik

A profusely illustrated book on Pathankot

Price - Rs. 250/- (Indian Rupees one hundred only)
available on V.P.P. (V.P.P. charges extra)


An introduction to the portfolio of Pathankot

It was Christmas eve of nineteen eighty two and the train had rumbled into Pathankot station after a tiring journey from Madras Central.
I had my first glimpse of Pathankot, a transit station on my journey to the hills.
My first experience of Pathankot gave me an impression that it was an absolutely utilitarian and a rather nondescript place lacking points of
interest other than trade and business.
Yet, when I spent a few days in the dusty town often littered with dirt, I found that this place had a definite character of its own and this
character was unique in the sense, that I found no other town quite like it.
Pathankot had still retained the old time flavour of ethnic diversity, with the traditional lifestyle and horse drawn transport.
Many years have passed since then, and it is difficult to find that old lifestyle of accepted values passed down through generations. Clash of values and life styles have changed the city not only outwardly but also inwardly.
Today Pathankot is at crossroads. It can neither deny its past nor can it accept the changes with an understanding viewpoint. From that crossroads I look back at Pathankot I had sketched more than twelve years ago. This portfolio brings back some memories of a Pathankot you may not see again. Each picture is an on the spot work as I do not believe in copying from photographs when expressing my creative world.
This graphic portfolio presents a set of seven pictures that can be kept in the cover itself or can be framed if you wish to do so.           - Prabal Pramanik


by Prabal Pramanik
These reproductions are original serigraphs printed on textured handmade paper.
Price : Rs. 100/- (Indian rupees one hundred only)
Portfolio available on V.P.P. (V.P.P. charges extra)

Pictures and text copyright reserved by Prabal Pramanik

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Pathankot Portfolio
by Prabal Pramanik


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An introduction to the portfolio of Pathankot


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A view from Androon Bazar in
Pathankot in 1993


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A view of Dangu road in
Pathankot in 1993

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A view of Gandhi Chowk at
Pathankot in 1993


pathankot-portfolio-6.jpg (48272 bytes)
A view of old bus stand in
Pathankot in 1993

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A view from Shahpur road in
Pathankot in 1993

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The skyline of Pathankot from Simlapahari in 1993




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A view from Dangu road near railway
“phatak” in Pathankot in 1993

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A Bahurupia dressed up as Goddess Kali in Pathankot. These street performers carry on an ancient tradition of performing arts. This tradition has all but died out due to the lack of patronage. This performing art that has continued from ancient India in an example of folk performing art. Local people o Pathankot are not least concerned about the preservation of any old folk art in this area. Such a deplorable attitude is caused by the lack of consciousness about the need to preserve heritage.


Set of Posters on Pathankot

Posters printed from photographs taken at Pathankot
Arup Chandra

(Poster size 12 inches X 18 inches)
Price : Rs. 100/- (Indian rupees one hundred only)
Portfolio available on V.P.P. (V.P.P. charges extra)


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Documentary movie on Pathankot
CD and DVD available
Price CD- Rs. 30/- and DVD - Rs. 50/-
Special edition Rs. 100/-

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An old doorway built in the old fashioned way with thin bricks. These bricks were cemented with lime and mortar. The arched doorway made without metal reinforcement is very durable. Note the little niche in the side to keep a lamp. The door is also interesting and is an example of traditional woodwork. Such doors have been used since the olden times. Such doors are not made now generally. This old traditional style of construction is not used nowadays.

pathankot-portfolio-colour1.jpg (32589 bytes)

This building near post office chowk in Pathankot, once resounded with the chime of ghungrus (leg bells) of the traditional dancers. Traditional dancers and singers lived and entertained their customers at this place. Though suffering from social taboo as prostitutes, these traditional dancers and musicians were often performing artists of high grade.


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Cloth dyers work is one of the cottage industries of Pathankot. Cloth is died by boiling cloth in dye solution. After the process to dye the cloth is complete, the dyed cloth is hung in a colourful array forming beautiful colour compositions. The baloon seller also adds colour to the town.


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This is an example of a mural on an old haveli at Pathankot. The murals were painted in earth colours on plaster. Undoubtedly at one time there were many havelis with murals painted on them. Due to the apathy of the residents of Pathankot such beautiful murals are neglected and destroyed. These should have been preserved. Such murals are a part of the heritage of Pathankot but are being destroyed due to the unfeeling attitude of the locals.

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