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Pathankot is a Heritage Place
Pathankot is an Interesting Place

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Construction work going on
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Development of Pathankot
by Prabal Pramanik

After the independence of India, Pathankot, has developed as an important town in many aspects.
The strategic point of location has prompted the establishment of the army and for the air force station for the defence of India. The Indian army and Indian air force has successful defended the territory of India in times of war.
Traders supplying the army needs have also increased their business. After the partition of India, a huge amount of refugees came from newly formed Pakistan and settled in and around Pathankot.
Most of them started trades of different kinds and many those businesses have grown into large business houses.
The transportation system has improved considerably. Opening of the civil air port will have far reaching positive influences in future.
Extension of the railway line to Kashmir valley will be a significant step that will help to connect the town further to northern area of the country.
From the ancient times Pathankot was a gateway to Himalayan mountain regions and also to Jammu and Kashmir and this importance, has increased in context of trade and tourism.
Tourists generally go to their destinations in Himachal and J&K Via Pathankot. The new bus stand built at last after a long delay is a convenient one, though it can be maintained and developed in a better manner.
Educational or rather vocational training centers have mushroomed up in recent years due to the career craze, and the number of school going children increased greatly.
The quality of education has to be ensured and this can be done only through stringent check over teaching standards and vigilance during exams.
Roads are better, but they are not cleaned properly. People have to be educated about proper garbage disposal. A dirty town, however developed from other aspects, is an eyesore.
Dumping of garbage is done in an unhealthy way, and the dumping ground should be absolutely away from any civil hospital.
Pathankot needs an auditorium for its cultural needs, yet the co-ordination between artists is more important.
To enjoy art and literature people have to develop the attitude to pay for it by buying tickets to see plays, by buying poetry books and by understanding the value of original art.
Just by wearing western clothes or by sporting western hair styles, no one can become progressive or advanced.
One has to contribute towards progress in a substantial manner in order to be progressive. People have to understand that just money and big claims with hollow promises don’t create a bright future. Hard work at grassroots level only can properly develop a place.
Public construction projects such as flyovers need to be speeded up. Pathankot is taking a leap in media and information technology.
This web site is a landmark in the history of information technology in Pathankot and joins Pathankot with the net world.
The people of Pathankot should become conscious about the preservation of heritage and the old havelis that are still existing should be preserved as heritage sites and a examples of traditional architecture. These havelis if properly preserved can be important tourist attractions.
The consciousness for the need of community conveniences such as clean lanes, covered drains where they are left uncovered, and maintaince of proper footpaths will lead to a better town. A clean town attracts tourists.
Pathankot is growing and spreading to become a large metropolis in future, and I hope that this place of ancient heritage will live up to its ancient original name “Pratishthana”, meaning a firmly established place.
Prabal Pramanik



Pathankot is developing, yet, it is developing in an individualistic manner and not as a community of people with civic sense.
New malls are being created, overbridges are being built, large buildings are replacing old modest structures at many places, yet, garbage piles, stinking open sewers and filth disfigure the town at many places.
Ofcourse there are agencies and people entrusted with the responsibility to lookafter all the solid waste disposal work, but the dirt and rubble on the roads and lanes litter the town at many places.
This creates health hazards and is certainly unsightly. Many people are reluctent to speak about this reality and try to accept the dirt as a feature of this town.
No government or institution can create a clean city if the people of the city are not conscious of the need to keep a clean city. If the people just blame the government, they are unrealistic and the people should take proper measures to dispose of their garbage at proper place instead of just dumping on the road.
People should understand about the sorting of bio-degradable and non-biodegradable waste and dispose of the garbage in proper manner.
By overlooking this serious problem the citizens of Pathankot can not expect to live in a clean and healthy environment even if the personal houses are well built and well decorated.
At many places potholes and rubbish dumps make driving and walking dangerous especially at night time.
People, if conscious about the need of clean roads and lanes can ask the concerned authorities to repair the potholes and also for the removal of rubbish dumps.
At some places better public conveniences have been built and roads have been rebuilt but still much is to be done to promote the civic facilities.
The spread of community conscious civic sense is a must if Pathankot is to be a well developed town in future.
Prabal Pramanik


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Some garbage dumps in Pathankot. Such dumps should be cleared in poper way.




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